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“Kemomed connects manufacturers with users.  We offer technical support and guidance during all phases of your purchase and will stay with you even after with our excellent post-acquisition services.”

Andrej Vuga, B. Sc. Chem, CEO  

The next step for Kemomed

We would like to inform you of a major and exciting change within Kemomed. In August 2019, a majority share of Kemomed d.o.o. was acquired by KEFO d.o.o., a privately-held company also based in Slovenia.

The two companies operate in similar and complementary fields, with a very high potential for forming synergies to drive growth faster and more efficiently. Together, we now form the largest business group operating within the field of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment in Slovenia. However, Kemomed will remain an independent company, retaining both its team and leadership.

Kemomed will continue to follow the same vision and direction which have made it a success story so far. The merger will provide Kemomed with a stronger strategic position from which we can continue creating value for the company and you, our valued suppliers and business partners.


Mag. Tatjana Marčac Grahek                          Vladimir Bangiev 
          univ. dipl. kem.                                         univ. dipl.ekon.
   CEO, Kemomed d.o.o.                                 CEO, KEFO d.o.o.



More about KEFO d.o.o.

KEFO was founded over 70 years ago and has grown into an international company with 90 employees and over €25.5M yearly revenue spread over its subsidiaries in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Germany. It is a 100% privately owned company with headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For more about KEFO, visit www.kefo.si

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