Applications - Research

Illumina sequencing and array technologies and analysis services are allowing you to explore the genome more than ever before !



An expanding next-generation sequencing (NGS) oncology portfolio is helping Illumina drive the revolution in cancer genomics. Our NGS and microarray technologies are among the most trusted in the world. Our sample-to-data solutions deliver high-quality, reproducible results to speed the discovery and analysis of cancer-related variants—and potentially transform the cancer care cycle.


Microbial Genomics

Characterize un-culturable organisms. Discover entirely new viruses. Develop new strategies to control outbreaks. Monitor host-pathogen interactions.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is opening new doors in microbial genomics, revealing fresh insight into how microbes impact humans and the environment.


Genomics in Drug Development

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) enables researchers and drug developers to better understand the biology that drives cancer predisposition and proliferation. These insights have led to the development of targeted therapeutics and multi-analyte tumor analysis. This, in turn, has opened the door for novel methods to monitor cancer treatment and recurrence.

Illumina brings innovation to oncology drug development by offering comprehensive genomic solutions and working in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical providers.




Complex Disease Genomics

Complex diseases result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors, many of which are not understood. The expanding Illumina complex disease product portfolio includes array and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies that are helping drive a revolution in complex disease genomics. Complete solutions deliver high-quality, reproducible results that accelerate research on various complex diseases. These discoveries have the potential to lead to life-changing improvements for patients and their loved ones.



Through the constant development of new products and applications, Illumina is continually innovating ways to help agricultural researchers. Our agrigenomics technologies help plant and animal breeders and researchers identify desirable traits, leading to healthier and more productive crops and livestock.


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