Agilent (cell analysis)


Agilent offers a complete line of innovative microplate detection instruments that lead the market in versatility, performance and value.


The Hybrid multi-mode readers include modular systems that can incorporate one or more detection modes, including: fluorescence intensity, UV-Vis absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence polarization and time-resolved fluorescence, using a combination of filter-based and monochromator-based optical systems. Synergy Multi-Mode readers offer application flexibility and several single mode readers offer affordable, excellent performance.

Hybrid Technology Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

Fluorescence Microplate Readers

  • FLx800 Fluorescence Reader



Absorbance Microplate Readers

Micro-Volume Plates

Using volumes as low as 2 µL, the Take3 and Take3 Trio Micro-Volume Plates provide direct nucleic acid and protein quantification for up to 48 samples at time. Take3 Plates are compatible with BioTek’s microplate spectrophotometers.


Manufacturer's webpage: Agilent

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