Grant Instruments


From simple mini centrifuges to large benchtop devices with refrigeration, we offer a wide range of centrifuges for a variety of applications!

Microspin 12 high-speed mini centrifuge

Microspin 12

Compact high-speed benchtop mini centrifuge with a built-in rotor for 12 x 1.5/2ml microtubes. Ideal for biomedical laboratories.

PCV series compact benchtop centrifuges

PCV-2400 Centrifuge

A versatile range of compact, modern benchtop centrifuges from Grant bio for a variety of biomedical, biochemical and life science applications requiring spinning or a combination of spinning and mixing for microtubes and microtitre plates.



LMC-4200R benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration


Benchtop centrifuge with refrigeration with a temperature setting range of -10°C to +25°C.  Interchangeable rotors for accommodating centrifuge tubes (10 to 15 ml or 50 ml) or microplates.

LMC-3000 low speed benchtop centrifuge

LMC-300 Centrifuge

The Grant bio LMC-3000 is a low speed benchtop centrifuge for biomedical applications. It has interchangeable rotors for accommodating centrifuge tubes (10 to 15 ml or 50 ml) or standard 96-well microtitre plates.


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