Service Support

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is better than breakdown maintenance. Ensure stable operation of your instruments without any inconveniences.

We offer maintenance of instruments by the following manufacturers:

  • Shimadzu

    • HPLC – liquid chromatography

    • GC/GCMS – gas chromatographs (mass spectrometers)

    • FTIR – IR spectrophotometers

    • UV -  spectrophotometers

    • TOC – total organic carbon and nitrogen analyzers

  • Elga

    • Medica – ultra pure water for clinical diagnostics labs

    • PURELAB – pure and ultra pure laboratory water

  • Panasonic (Sanyo)

    • Refrigerators

    • Freezers (- 30 °C, - 86 °C, - 196 °C)

    • CO2 and O2 incubators

  • BioTek

    • Micro plate readers

    • Micro plate washers

  • Illumina

Preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment assures you its uninterrupted and long-lasting operation.

Preventive maintenance is carried out in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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