Biosearch Technologies (LGC and Lucigen)

We are the official representative of LGC Biosearch, including the Lucigen program.

Biosearch Technologies provides products and services for genomic analysis that support mission critical applications for global customers in agrigenomics and human healthcare. The portfolio offers integrated tools and technologies to accelerate sample preparation, amplification, cloning and expression, next generation sequencing (NGS), nucleic acid chemistry reagents, and oligo therapeutics.

Simplify your molecular biology experiments with easy-to-use cloning systems, protein expression kits, and enzymes offering superior performance and value.

Our optimised cloning kits and super-efficient competent cell strains are designed to help you improve cloning efficiencies, stabilise the most difficult DNA sequences, and dramatically increase recombinant protein expression and solubility. Customised manufacturing of chemical or electrocompetent cell strains is available, delivered in plates or tubes that suit your needs.

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