Telesis Bio

BioXp system

Telesis Bio empowers researchers with end-to-end solutions and tools they need to rapidly and securely design, code, and create synthetic DNA. Experience up to 20x increases in productivity to your product development cycles. Creators of the BioXp™ system — the world’s only synthetic biology workstation — and the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® method, provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions across your synthetic biology workflows, Telesis Bio is accelerating advances in the fields of personalized medicine, biologics drug discovery, vaccine development, genome editing, and cell and gene therapy.

BioXp™ system

Automated synthetic biology workflows — hands-free and overnight


The BioXp™ 3250 system provides hands-free, end-to-end automation of DNA assembly, cloning, amplification, and mRNA synthesis in a single overnight run

The award-winning BioXp™ 3250 system accelerates the design-build-test phases of the product development cycle by enabling automated, rapid, high-throughput synthesis of genes, clones, variant libraries and mRNA. The BioXp™ system is designed to improve productivity, reduce turnaround time, increase throughput and scale, enhance quality, and enable complete workflow control for both synthetic DNA and mRNA formats.

Revolutionizing synthetic biology

The world’s only fully automated benchtop instrument that enables numerous synthetic biology workflows by providing a turn-key, end-to-end solution for generating synthetic DNA and mRNA starting from DNA sequence.