3D Bioprinting

As the leading 3D bioprinting company, CELLINK is committed to providing the most advanced 3D bioprinting products, services and technologies needed to understand and master biology. We develop technologies that democratize 3D bioprinting – providing the leading researchers in the world the tools they need to create the future of health. Whether it is developing and utilizing alternatives to animal models, accelerating drug discovery, rethinking regenerative medicine or developing tissue engineered organs to treat diseases previously considered untreatable.

Extrusion 3D bioprinting

Based on computer numerical control (CNC) machining processes, extrusion-based bioprinting precisely dispenses bio-compatible materials layer by layer, following tool paths generated in slices from 3D models. Our extrusion-based 3D bioprinters are designed with flexibility in mind to give bioengineers the freedom to work with a wider range of biomaterials, opening the door for more relevant tissue engineering.