Grant Instruments

Dry Block Heating Systems

Grant dry block heating systems combine reliability with high quality design. With a wide range of applications these heating systems are sure to fit your needs!

QB series dry block heating systems

QBD2 Dry Block Heater


QBD / QBH series

The Grant QBD / QBH series are a versatile range of high quality digital dry block heating systems with excellent temperature control and a wide choice of interchangeable blocks for maximum flexibility.

QBA series

The QBA series of analogue block heaters present a contemporary high quality solution at a cost-effective price for heating applications up to 100°C.

BTD Dry Block Heating System

BTD Dry Block Heater

The Grant BTD is a compact and flexible digital dry block heating system ideal for the rapid and precise heating of microtubes up to 100ºC.

High temperature digital block heater


The Grant BT5D is a convenient digitally controlled dry block heating system for high temperature applications where the use of a bath is not desirable. It provides temperature control without the need for fluids and reduces the risk of contamination.


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