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Data Logger and Data Acquisition Products

Grant Instruments offers three different ranges of data loggers - the Squirrel range of universal data loggers, the Yoyo range of small robust data loggers and dataTaker® range of specialised rugged loggers, providing solutions from simple logging requirements to complex industry specific logging.

Squirrel range of data loggers

Squirrel SQ2010 Data Logger


The Grant Instruments Squirrel range of data loggers are easy to use, hand held, battery powered data loggers which can also be powered via a standard power socket (110-250 volts). They set the standard for portable data loggers, with their simplicity of operation, very high accuracy of measurement, universal data inputs which can accept virtually any type of sensor signal and their excellent reliability. The complete Squirrel range offers from 4 to 32 analogue sensor inputs channels, full Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity and come complete with the sophisticated SquirrelView configuration and analysis software. Data logging is now truly possible - "out-of-the-box".

Yoyo range of data loggers

Download YoYo Software


The Yoyo range of data loggers are simple, battery operated, yet highly robust data loggers for measuring multiple type of physical parameters depending on the model. They feature high accuracy readings in a small, very robust enclosure. The range include models with integrated measurement sensors, fixed external sensors and/or fully programmable input for interchangeable sensors. They are used to measure parameters such as humidity, light, voltage, current, pressure and temperature. Due to their small size, they can be placed almost anywhere (indoors or out) and left unattended to collect data on the local conditions. Example of applications are measurement and recording of temperature and humidity in agricultural, laboratory & healthcare and building environmental environments.

dataTaker® range of data loggers

dataTaker® DT82EM


DataTaker® is one of the world's leading brands of rugged, multi-purpose data loggers. The dataTaker® product range have specialised products for environmental, industrial, geotechnical and scientific data capture and analysis. These data loggers are compatible with almost all types of sensors and offer a high degree of programmability, thereby being ideal for remote or complex record / control application found in the process, manufacturing and heavy industries. They feature a wide array of local and remote communication options allowing them to be placed in the area / region required whilst the user can be situated a large distance away and still easily access the data.

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